Vancouver Civil Litigation Attorney

Commanding Civil Litigation Lawyer Representing Vancouver Real Estate Clients

Washington’s residential real estate laws are, by their nature, complex and pedantic. James Mayhew’s goal is to help you resolve any legal issues so you maintain the value of your property and are not in danger of losing ownership in any way. He has helped countless clients settle tricky real estate matters for nearly 25 years.

What Types of Residential Issues Result in Civil Litigation?

Many areas of Clark and Cowlitz counties have boundary and easement problems resulting from the formation of subdivisions and short plats. Boundary disputes among neighbors are very common as are disagreements on locations and use of easements. Fences, tree lines and rock or brick walls are not always built on actual property lines. Neighbors may attempt to erect fences and gates across easement roads. Neighbors may disrupt your peace and quiet or harass you. There are laws and codes in Washington that control many neighbor problems such as excessive noise, odors, and junk vehicles. Mr. Mayhew is familiar and experienced in these codes and laws.

Homeowner’s Associations Disputes

Many homeowners’ properties are governed by strict rules, laws and regulations which have been set up by homeowner’s associations. These laws and rules can be confusing and misleading and sometimes are unenforceable. James is familiar with homeowner’s associations and their complexities and can assist clients with disputes that arise with their homeowner’s association. Please contact Attorney James Mayhew’s office if you have questions or disputes concerning your homeowner’s association rules and regulations.

Attorney James Mayhew defends the rights of Cowlitz, Clark, and Skamania county real estate clients through civil litigation. If you are facing a contentious real property legal matter requiring a formidable courtroom presence, contact our Vancouver office today at (360) 699-6317. Don’t delay — consultations are free.