Vancouver Adverse Possession Lawyer

Aggressive Adverse Possession Attorney Fighting on Behalf of Vancouver Property Owners

The concept of adverse possession in real estate states that a person living on a neglected piece of property and who increases its value by caring for it may become entitled to ownership rights over time. Some people also refer to adverse possession as “squatter’s rights.”

What’s Needed to Claim Adverse Possession?

The laws regulating adverse possession are complex and five points of law must be proven in order to complete and effect adverse possession claims. In simple terms, Washington’s adverse possession laws state that the adverse possessor must be:

  1. Hostile: They are claiming the property without the permission of the true owner
  2. Actual: They are maintaining control of the property
  3. Exclusive: They are living there without the rightful owner
  4. Open and notorious: They are making no effort to hide their occupancy
  5. Continuous for the statutory period, which is 10 years in Washington

Why Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Seek an experienced and qualified real estate attorney who is familiar and has worked with adverse possession cases and laws. Boundary line, easement and adverse possession laws are continually changing. Attorney James Mayhew has current and up-to-the minute access to Washington statutes, codes and cases that set precedents. Don’t let problems and disputes such as these devalue your property and impact your ability to convey proper and clear title when you purchase or sell your real property.

Attorney James Mayhew helps Cowlitz, Clark, and Skamania county clients facing title disputes related to “squatter’s rights” or adverse possession of real property. If you are in need of tough representation, contact our Vancouver office at (360) 699-6317 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced real estate lawyer.