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James Mayhew represents homeowners in disputes with homeowners associations: real estate litigation, representation of buyers, sellers, homeowners and homeowner’s associations. He also represents clients concerning sellers’ and/or realtors’ misrepresentations or omissions of defects, title issues and preparation of purchase and sale agreements and real estate contracts. Misrepresentations and poor workmanship by contractors can diminish the value of your property. He offers his clients the ability to formulate the best solutions for their real estate problems.

Don’t let property line disputes, easement disputes, infringement on your privacy and/or neighbor problems, turn your ownership of this important asset into a nightmare and possibly devalue your property. Please contact only a qualified and experienced real estate attorney to take care of and reach a resolution for these disputes before your asset is diminished in value.

Purchase & Sales Agreements

Buyers and sellers of real property do not always use an attorney because a title company is able to prepare the contracts, title search and closing documents. It is advantageous to the purchaser of real property to have an attorney prepare or, at least, review, earnest money agreements, purchase and sale agreements and real estate contracts. The final contract is a mode to protect the purchaser’s interests and if not prepared properly, can cause problems in the future at which time there are no remedies to correct the language or items that were lacking in the real estate contract. Mr. Mayhew can give you peace of mind in knowing that your final real property purchase documents protect your interests and will prevent unforeseen ownership and title problems.

Adverse Possession

Adverse possession is the process where you may be entitled to claim ownership of someone else’s property by virtue of a statutory period of use and maintenance. Also, someone else may attempt to claim ownership of your property by virtue of adverse possession. This area of law is complex and the laws surrounding it are subject to frequent change. Attorney James Mayhew stays current on these laws and can advise you accordingly.

Civil Litigation

James represents homeowners involved in disputes with their homeowner’s association as well as property owners facing boundary issues with their neighbors. Residential real estate laws are notoriously intricate and ever changing, which is why you need an experienced attorney on your side. He can advise you about which laws are enforceable and the options available to you for settling disputes.

Attorney James Mayhew helps Cowlitz, Clark, and Skamania County residents and families buy and sell their residential properties, as well as assists with title disputes and other matters resulting in civil litigation. If you need help navigating the complex industry of real property, call our office today at (360) 699-6317 to schedule a complimentary consultation.