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Dedicated DUI Attorney James Mayhew Protecting Your Rights

Being charged with a DUI in Washington may be one of the most frightening and stressful experiences someone can face. Not only is one in jeopardy of losing their license after being stopped for a suspected DUI, the accused can also face heavy fines. A person’s privileges and driving rights may be curtailed or suspended if charged and convicted of a DUI.

Driving under the influence is a severe crime, with severe penalties in the state of Washington. Hiring an attorney can be a very wise choice. Whether guilty or not of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, an attorney’s job is to protect the client’s rights fully.

How We Defend Your DUI Case in the State of Washington

One of the very first steps an attorney may take when analyzing your case is challenging the procedures taken during your arrest, including the different testing procedures you may have faced while stopped. Many police officers look for different signs of a DUI such as a vehicle at night without any headlights on, failure to use the turn signal properly, slowing down in illogical areas, weaving within the lane, driving over the speed limit, and sudden braking. These different actions can cause a police officer to stop the person driving the vehicle. If you are pulled over for being a suspected drunk driver, there are a few steps to follow. One important step to take when stopped by the police is acknowledging your constitutional rights. When a police officer asks you if have been drinking, you DO have the right to remain silent and not answer any questions. Answering any questions will give the police officer a window to use that evidence against you.

What You Should Do If You Are Pulled Over for DUI

Many people also believe that the field sobriety tests are mandatory. Always remember that you have the right to remain silent and you have the right to refuse these tests. In the state of Washington, these field sobriety tests are 100% voluntary. This gives the officer less probable cause to arrest you. An officer cannot arrest a suspect without probable cause. After refusing to take these field sobriety tests, which is highly advised, contact your lawyer as soon as possible.

When to Call Your DUI Lawyer

If you refuse the breathalyzer or blood tests, your driver’s license will probably be suspended or revoked. Once again, because of this risk, it is very important to contact your lawyer as soon as possible for advice on whether to consent to the breathalyzer or blood test.

If you know you have not been drinking prior to driving a vehicle, you should take the breathalyzer test to prove you are innocent. After giving breath samples for the breathalyzer, you have the right to obtain your own blood test. These tests are voluntary as well, which allows you the right to refuse these tests, once again, resulting in a possible loss of your driver’s license for a period of time.

Attorney James Mayhew has nearly 25 years’ experience defending the rights of those accused of drunk driving in Cowlitz, Clark, and Skamania counties. If you have recently been charged with a DUI, don’t panic — call our Vancouver office at (360) 699-6317 instead. We’ll go over the details of your case during a completely free initial consultation.