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Who gets my assets if I die without a Will?

When someone dies without a Will, that person is said to have died “intestate”.   Washington State Law has specific rules in place to determine who gets the net estate of someone who dies intestate.  Those rules are found under the intestate succession rules of RCW 11.04.015. In my experience, a good number of clients… Read more »

How often should you update your Will?

Often times I have clients tell me they have a Will that was prepared years ago and it is no longer valid.   My response to them is that a Will is generally valid unless it is revoked.   The fact a Will was prepared years ago does not automatically make a Will invalid.  A… Read more »

Probate asset or non-probate asset, what is the difference?

Probate is the legal process of settling the estate of someone who has passed away.  In deciding whether a probate is necessary, an evaluation of the character of the decedent’s assets must be made.   Are the decedent’s assets probate assets, non-probate assets, or both?   If all the decedent’s assets are non-probate assets, a… Read more »

San Antonio Police Beat Up the Wrong Guy

Wrongfully Convicted

Excessive force. A euphemism for what goes on in this country far too often: Police beating the crud out of, if not killing, people they encounter in the line of duty. Statistics are out there, like those provided by the CATO Institute, but it’s essentially impossible to know the scope of unjustified police violence. A… Read more »