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Sexual Harassment – know your rights!

Used and abused; domestic violence concept

What Are the Rights of Those Accused of Sexual Harassment? The rights of those accused of sexual harassment are the same as all those accused of a tort – they have the right to air their defense in a fair, impartial, and speedy court of law. If the sexual harassment is aggravated to the point… Read more »

Disorderly Conduct and Public Intoxication

charged with dui

Disorderly conduct (also called “disturbing the peace”) is a crime that usually involves some kind of offensive or disruptive public activity. Criminal statutes in some states include public intoxication as one kind of behavior that can be considered disorderly conduct. In other states, public intoxication is a separate criminal offense, while in still other jurisdictions… Read more »

Rash of Burglaries in the Vancouver Area

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Vancouver police are warning people to lock their doors after a string of home burglaries. They say FOX 12s Most Wanted have hit at least five times in the past 10 days. One woman spoke to FOX 12 but wanted to remain anonymous in case the thieves came back. She says the thieves must have… Read more »

Wrongfully convicted man urges state to pay

Wrongfully Convicted

Wrongfully convicted man urges state to pay Northrop testifies for bill to compensate innocent found guilty of crimes Photo by Zachary Kaufman Alan Northrop was wrongfully convicted of rape in 1993. By Stevie Mathieu Columbian Politics Reporter Wednesday, March 27, 2013 When Alan Northrop went to prison, his son was 2. By the time Northrop… Read more »